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Santa Fe Artist Getaway

5-DAY Workshops – Click on Image above to register.

Only 4 to 5 Participants

Cost – $1450

Paint big, paint crazy, loosen up and dump those inhibitions!
Within a small group you will focus on painting spontaneously and authentically, discover how to evaluate your work, learn when to stop and when to push forward, and move beyond any fear and self-doubt!

Join us at the beautiful Santa Fe Artist Getaways Studio Raven – With a full wall of windows facing the north mountains, this 2,000 square-foot studio includes creative space with 20-foot ceilings!

Within an authentic, supportive environment, the workshop focuses on:

  • A ton of personal painting time
  • Daily group critiques and discussions
  • One-on-ones with both instructors
  • Techniques to loosen up
  • Ways to find your voice
  • Exploring the fears and self-doubt around your work

About Toni:

Toni Lyons Phillips holds a B.F.A. from Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe, Louisiana and an M.F.A. In studio drawing and painting from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. After ten years of teaching in the private and public sector, including the Gifted and Talented Art Program for Ouachita Parish, Toni returned to her abstract painting practice full time.

Toni has held group and solo exhibitions in the United States and sold privately and by commission. Her work is part of many private collections, both national and international.

As a contemporary abstract painter, my work is guided by a deeply instinctive and emotional connection to the landscape. Growing up in the lush entangled backdrop of Louisiana, I spent most of my time outdoors, catching crawfish, fishing, and floating down the bayou. Memories of the intense blues of the sky and vibrant greens of the vines against the muddy waters find their way into my work.

Visual investigations and energies find voice on the canvas through my lyrical expressions, energetic movements, and rich layering of paint and textures.

My paintings usually begin in a landscape surrounded by water and are a physical expression of the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and the smells of my surroundings.

Somewhere between reality and my intuitive subconscious an emotional reaction guides my marks. My paintings allow me to give emotional responses and symbolic descriptions to the indescribable in a distinct vocabulary that is unique to me. Compositions emerge and transcend my usual ways of understanding myself and the world in which I live.

About Jane:

Jane Burton, a San Francisco Bay Area painter and sculptor, comes from a family that encouraged creativity. Her father worked in wood carving and jewelry; her mother is a poet. Jane’s three sisters are painters, sculptors, and designers.

Jane studied under master painters Wayne Thiebaud and Roy DeForest at UC Davis where she received her Fine Art degree. She later continued her education and a career in Graphic Design. In 2006, Jane left the corporate world and went back to her fine art roots.

Burton works in a gestural but highly disciplined style, layering color and finishes, inspired by both mystical and natural environments. She is intent on pushing the boundaries of the medium and through constant experimentation, herself as the artist.

Her passion lies in large-scale abstract expressionism with an emphasis on the language and physicality of the paint, the line, the brushstroke, the movement, light and color. Burton’s paintings pull one in from afar, and will inform, change, and challenge in the detail up close.

Burton’s work can be found both nationally and internationally in galleries, and corporate and private collections.

My visual language allows me to go where words cannot in expressing who I am at my core. My daily commitment with the canvas before me is to get out of my head, to set thoughts and words aside and stream feelings directly.

The process is like a piece of music, a walk in the woods; it’s a feeling of excitement, empowerment, and a deep connection all mashed together.

Nature, spirituality and science inspire my work. There is a vibration, a communication and energy that connects everything in this universe. When I paint, I feel alive and connected to that energy.